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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Why TweetAdder is not dead!

I was reading an interesting article on Warrior forum the other day that said that TweetAdder was dead.

Many people are moaning about the fact that the new TweetAdder version 4 has lost original features that were not compliant with Twitters TOS (terms of service).

These warriors were particularly referring to the features such as bulk autofollowing and unfollowing of other Twitter user accounts on autopilot.

To be honest the old TweetAdder features that automated following people without visually being able to check user profiles first (not compliant with Twitter's TOS) were probably the very reasons many of my original Twitter accounts kept constantly getting suspended, for people reporting me for spammy follows.

If I let you into a secret - social media is not about getting the crowd to shout your message and pass on your advertisements through retweets to their friends, but rather helping the millions of individuals out there on the social media networks research their niche.   With 500 million active users regularly clicking on hashtags of interest to them all you need to do is regularly Tweet relevant hashtags for your affiliate offers.

TweetAdder still has the capability to Tweet thousands of imported messages daily on autopilot on a randomized loop so that you are never Tweeting the same message twice.  Twitter best practice permits people to Tweet 1000 messages a day.  That is one thousand opportunities a day for people to find your affiliate offers through carefully selected hashtags that millions of users logging into Twitter may potentially click on every day.   I have known just ten Twitter accounts with less than ten followers drive 16,000 visitors a day to my affiliate offers simply from looping carefully constructed sentences with carefully chosen hashtags. 

I use TweetAdder to loop 1000 messages a day of my best selling affiliate offers from companies such as Amazon and Clickbank.  I earn even more money from selling TweetAdder itself and sending 1000 hashtagged messages to Twitter a day relating to social media management software.

Think about the peek times most Twitter users interested in your niche market are likely to be on Twitter and set TweetAdder to Tweet out hashtagged messages at those times.

I also believe the way that the NEW version of TweetAdder datamines user profile data, and enables you to view user profile data on Twitter is much better.  You can focus on a few relevant quality follows each day which are less likely to result in your Twitter Account getting banned.

There are many good reasons to try the NEW TweetAdder.

You can download a trial version for free now, and get a 20% discount with code CC20.

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  1. Have you considered using BuzzBundle ( )? I've switched to it recently and I find it amazing in terms of the amount of social media it covers. In the end, life isn't only about tweeting