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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tweet Adder Soon To be banned from Twitter?

"The programs the lawsuit targeted include the wildly popular TweetAttacks software, TweetBuddy, and a program called “justinlover” which was authored by James Lucero. All three sites were offline by mid-day Friday. The other two tweet automation programs named in the suit – TweetAdder and software by Garland Harris of – will likely suffer the same fate."

If TweetAttacks software, TweetBuddy and TweetAdder is banned, more people are likely to look to other software and approach websites to design custom software that can send RSS feeds to

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  1. There are plenty of apps already available for that. Just explore the apps directory at

  2. I have a registered copy of tweet adder that I use for only following and unfollowing as well as used it to send a tweet. It is excellent software and should not be banned.
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