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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I want you to become a Tweet Adder Affiliate

The chances are you have visited this blog because you have followed a hyperlink on my twitter thank you message.

If you found this link in a Thank You message from a Twitter account, then it isn't by chance that you clicked here. I am a commission analyst and I have helped companies in the Telecoms sector make more commission and now I am passing this knowledge onto individuals.

I used software to find your twitter profile according to certain criteria I had set for finding suitable Twitter user profiles who I thought would be most likely to click on my invitation based on the key words that I searched for you by.

Your follow back of my twitter account triggered the software that I used to follow you to send you a Thank You message with the hyperlink you have just clicked on to get to this page. Perhaps you even followed my twitter account first, before I followed you, whatever the case, your follow triggered the automated Thank You message which lead you here!

I experiment with following various types of Twitter user, using this software I might have done:

a search of self employed people - and wrote an ad about becoming an affiliate
or chances are you recently Tweeted about needing money

Whatever I wrote, it intrigued you enough to visit this page, and it proves that with this clever software you can basically get anyone to visit your web page, if you set it to follow the right profiles and backup the follow with a thank you message likely to lead people to your web page.

Twitter has over 175 million registered users and is growing, considering that facebook has grown to over 250 million registered users and forecast to hit a billion users, there is a very decent sized market for software that enables businesses to find the right kind of customers on the social networks, and whatsmore the software I used to find you and refer you to this page is very affordable.

If you become a reseller of this software by literally creating a page like this one here, and adding an affiliate banner link you will soon be part of a very lucrative fast growing affiliate market.

You can trial the software for FREE just to see how good it is, and get $10 immediately credited to your affiliate account, and enjoy lifetime earnings of any other affiliates you refer, just like I am referring you.

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