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Saturday, 4 February 2012

How to see your commission sales jump up

Step 1

Join Tweet Adder Affiliate Scheme
You will get a $10 Welcome bonus and 50% of every sale, anything from $25 plus, plus referral bonus when others join from your link and they make sales.

Click on this link below to become a reseller

Go to affiliate area

Sign up as an affiliate to be awarded $10, and download the commission stats software from Tweet Adder, it proves they really do monitor any clicks that are made on their banner adverts and tracks commission

Step 2
Set up a blog like this one

Step 3
Buy tweets for as little as $1 to advertise your blog

As soon as you have paid for your tweet on
You will see your stats jump up as people click on this link below to join the affiliate scheme or buy the software

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