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Monday, 27 February 2012

An honest review about the most controversial software being promoted on twitter

Some parts of this review I am going to write in bold because I have found a downside to using this very impressive software. It is so powerful that Twitter in my view don't want you using it, and other affiliate sellers of the software don't want you selling it.

What is Tweet Adder?

If you are a Twitter user I would be very surprised if you haven't yet seen this software mentioned on Twitter. In my view I think that every affiliate marketer or business that uses Twitter shouldn't be without this extremly impressive and affordable software tool.

I have been using this software for quite a while to find Twitter users with profiles that I think will be interested in the content of my websites and blogs. The software has been working very succesfully in getting more followers to my Twitter accounts, however any direct mention of Tweet Adder on Twitter I have found has got my accounts instantly suspended from Twitter, which is dissapointing because the software offers a very generous affiliate scheme. I suspect that there are two reasons that Twitter accounts get instantly suspended for mentioning this software, either the tweet adder software is not approved by Twitter, or other affiliates of this software will quickly report any attempt by you to sell it on Twitter as spam as an act of jealousy to safeguard their commission potential of reselling this software on Twitter, on what I shall explain is a very massive and lucrative growing market.

According to one source Twitter has over 175 million registered users and is growing, considering that facebook has grown to over 250 million registered users and forecast to hit a billion users, there is a very decent sized market for software that enables you to find the right kind of customers on the social networks, and whatsmore the software is very affordable.

The best description of this Twitter tool can be found on the website. "Tweet Adder is Software that automatically builds up your Twitter Follower Network with like minded individuals for huge increase in your Twitter marketing efforts: 5 targeted Twitter searches, auto follow, auto unfollow, auto tweet, auto message, Twitter trends, proxy supported, set it and forget it."

You can actually go to the website and download the software and trial a fully working version of the software for FREE on a limited amount of uses, that is how I decided that I liked the software before purchasing it. You really can be sure first that it is something you would like to buy, there is also a trial money back refund period after you have bought the software, so you can't get fairer than that. Finally if that should fail to impress you, you could always resort to the various consumer and payment protections that you have under paypal or other transaction methods to get your money back.

At $55 for a lifteime licence for just one profile or $188 for unlimited profiles, thats correct lifetime licence, you own for life the ultimate Twitter marketing tool for finding the kind of Twitter followers who would be interested in your niche interests, markets and blogs.

There is a massive need for a software that quickly enables Twitter users, especially businesses users to connect with other Twitter users who are likely to be interested in their services. The awesome thing about connecting your business by following and being followed by social network users, is that you don't have to pay anymore to use expensive pay per click banner or text google, facebooks adverts, you simply tweet and post your latest business offerings to you followers.

Affiliate seller of Tweet Adder software

As an affiliate you automatically get $10 added to your affiliate account when you register to become an affiliate seller of Tweet Adder software, and 50% of any software sales.

Its a no brainer. With no disrespect to CIAO, often product reviews on CIAO, unless on something very topical, only get a couple of pence per visitor. However if you write a blog about Tweet Adder software you can get $25+ per a sale for one of the most popular selling tools for twitter marketing campaigns.

There are some extremely impressive web statistics to show how popular Tweet Adder is, over 3800 websites linking in to the Tweet Adder website which comfortably sits in the highest of Alexa top million, its a website followed by very high income earning women from home. Not many of us are fortunate to have high incomes and work from home.

" is ranked #8,584 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. Compared with internet averages, the site's users are disproportionately Caucasian, and they tend to be women browsing from home who have attended college and have incomes between $30,000 and $100,000. While roughly 34% of visitors to the site come from the US, where it is ranked #4,683, it is also popular in Mexico, where it is ranked #4,545. Search engines refer about 11% of visits to, and approximately 47% of visits to the site are bounces" suggests that the websites gets as many as 85,703 visits a day, compare this with Twitter that gets 41,499,116, if you take all this into consideration that that Twitter currently has 175 million plus registered users, is ranked 8th most visited website in the world on Alexa, and in my view has the potential to become as big as facebook with a forecast billion users, the market for Tweet Adder is very ripe.

Key features of the Tweet Adder Software

What I most like about the software, as the company statement says is that you can set it and forget it. I have only scraped the surface of this softwares true potential, but these are my favourite features so far:

auto follow
- the ability to follow Twitter users who meet your search criteria, without having to sit down and spend a morning or afternoon clicking on Twitter follow links. In my experience between 25% and 50% of the people I follow on Twitter follow my Twitter account back, therefore this feature is a great way of gaining followers on Twitter quite quickly.

auto unfollow
- the ability to unfollow users on Twitter that you have followed and no longer want to follow, you can use some pretty advanced criteria in the tweet adder software to determine which Twitter users you will let the software unfollow for you, so that you don't unfollow anyone that you would rather keep following. As I said 25% to 50% of Twitter users follow me back, which means on some days between 50% and 75% of Twitter users that I have followed don't follow me back, as Twitter sets an initial limit of 2000 followers, if I am using Twitter to tweet business promtions and am counting on reciprocal follows so that people see my tweets then I need an efficient method of shedding the unfollowers from my Twitter account. The software has a default setting of unfollowing people who have not followed back after four days, you can extend or shorten the default settings, but there is good reason not to shorten the default settings for reasons which I will explain in a minute.

auto tweet
- you can write a list of tweets that software will place on Twitter on your behalf at regular intervals throughout the day so that you don't have to be at a computer all day tweeting your latest promotions to your Twitter followers.

auto message
- this is a very neat facility in the software that if you set the software correctly, it will automatically send a thank you message to anyone who follows you on Twitter. This is a great way to refer people to your website, blog or CIAO article.

As you get into more advanced uses of the software you will find that it supports functions such as feeding your Twitter account with RSS feeds. So you can go to your favourite websites, check if they have got an RSS feed (a sort of mini news blog) and automate feeding those updates into Twitter.

As a word of warning, you have really got to thoughtfully consider Twitter best practices when you use this software to automate following people on Twitter. Your Twitter account can be instantly suspended for "aggressive following" if you insanely follow thousands of Twitter users that have no relevance to your Twitter profile, immediately unfollow them and then follow some more. Twitter consider this kind of following practice spammy, and Twitter users who don't like being followed by you can either block you or report you as a spammer. So if you are a UK garage trying to gain more followers to sell cars, you don't want to accidentally follow a load of ECO warriors, or annoy Twitter users from other countries by following them and tweeting meaningless UK promotions to them. The great thing about the Tweet Adder software is that if you set it right, you can actually follow thousands of Twitter users who tweet about the same interests as you, and have put in their profile descriptions localities that are of the most interest to your marketing campaign.

There is also another problem with using Tweet Adder software, is that Twitter best practices expressly prohibit third party websites and applications using your password fo accessing Twitter. Malicious websites and software that access Twitter via your password take your Twitter password and use it for scams. If Twitter suspect that you are using a tool such as Tweet Adder, I believe they can use this also as grounds of instant suspension of your Twitter account, and permenant ban if you don't relent from using it. I would be interested if any CIAO Twitter users have a different take on this intepretation of Twitter rules.

For the massive benefits that this software brings many people are prepared to risk using Tweet Adder as a way of referring Twitter users to their blogs and websites for the potential affiliate commissions that it can earn them. IF PROTECTING YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT NAME IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, DON'T MENTION THIS SOFTWARE WHEN YOU TWEET, in the early stages of testing and trying to market the Tweet Adder software on Twitter I have thought up some really good Twitter account names and lost them. The company that sells Tweet Adder will deny this has got anything to do with their software, but to me it does seem beyond a coincidence. The only way I have found as an affiliate to mention this software on Twitter with my affiliate link is to go to and tweet about it on someone elses Twitter account, and noticed one of the Twitter accounts I did this to got suspended. I would recommend using neutral Twitter account names that won't harm your business if they get suspended.

Twitter in their terms and conditions say "We encourage and permit broad re-use of Content. The Twitter API exists to enable this." Reviews about the Tweet Adder software say that tweets show up as "from Web" instead of "API." This suggests that some how Tweet Adder have found a way of bypassing Twitters API, which could be another reason why Twitter may not like this tool being promoted on Twitter. Tweet Adder has also got quite an interesting and lengthy disclaimer protecting themselves from prosectuition, if you are prosecuted by Third Parties for the way in which you use their software. Its the old scenario that sometimes its not illegal to own something, but to use it is illegal. Jokingly I can say Twitter in their terms and conditions might say that you cannot use Third Party software, but there is nothing to stop you from owning it or selling it (though it is unlikely anyone would want to own Tweet Adder and not use it), but you could setup a pyramid scheme of selling something that is useful to use on Twitter, but not allowed on Twitter, never using it on Twitter and therefore not breaking Twitter rules.

About the company that sells Tweet Adder

I have found the company that sells the Tweet Adder software very helpful. The website in my opinion is extremely well laid out and easy to navigate, and accurately describes the capabilities of their software product Tweet Adder which you can purchase and download from their website.

In my experience the company that makes the Tweet Adder software communicates really well on both billing and technical support issues. This is certainly no scam, even if a lot of the affiliates of Tweet Adder software send spammy messages in their tweets and to your Twitter account. The company that makes the Tweet Adder software have always been prompt to answer technical support questions, and even if their reply to your email is not instant and may take a couple of days before they answer (remember their websites gets as much as 85,000+ hits a day), I have always found that I have had a response. You can also raise support questions using the software and not going into your email account. Another impressive thing about the company and the software is that the software will prompt you to update it with recent upgrades and fixes, which shows that the company that makes it has got an ongoing commitment to their customers.

The company that makes Tweet Adder software generously allowed me to spend part of my first affiliate bonus to purchase four more licences of their software at a massively discounted rate for just $19 for four more licences. After promoting tweetadder on one of my blogs, after just 80 visitors to the blog I had made two tweetadder software sales, bringing my earnings upto $65. The software is so good, that anyone who has a purpose for using it on Twitter will want to buy it after trying out the FREE limited use download.

There would be no reason why you would want a refund for this product, which I have left on autopilot to run my Twitter accounts, and to borrow a term from internet scammers, if used thoughtfully can actually earn you money as you sleep. You will want as many licences as possible.

The software comes with a pdf user guide which tells you how to use it, so I am not going to spend very long here writing a technical review, suffice to say the software is extremely easy to use, and that within a month of buying one user licence I upgraded my licencing with the company to get 5 licences, and have got almost 3000 Twitter followers on one account, and that was before I fully explored all of the softwares capabilities to leave it running over night as well. Since using more of the automated features available on this software, another Twitter account that I have which refers to Twitter users to my blogs and promotions has increased by about 600 Twitter followers within a week since putting the software on auto pilot. New Twitter accounts using this software have got a couple of hundred followers within just two to three days. Each Twitter user who follows me, the software automatically sends them a thank you message, which refers them direct to my blog.

Types of users who may consider using Tweet Adder to gain more followers

People either want more twitter followers because they are

1) insecure and feel a massive following on twitter gives them a sense of well being, I would recommend a phsyciatrist

2) need to establish business credability on Twitter by having more than a handful of followers (but never going to proactively use Twitter), I would recommend buy followers from a website such as rather than use Tweet Adder

3) want to carry out purposeful marketing campaigns to targetted twitter users - USE TWEET ADDER

If you are simply after more Twitter followers to make your business look credible on Twitter, I won't lie to you, this software is possibly not the fastest or safest way to get them. You can instantly get massive Twitter followings from Twitter websites that sell followers. You can buy a 1000 Twitter followers for as little as $12. However in my view, this Tweet Adder software is the best way to find Twitter followers interested in niche areas, so if you are a company that sells landrover parts, this software can be left on autopilot to find and follow anyone who tweets about their offroading adventures. If you are a company that sells dating services, this software can be left on autopilot to find and follow anyone who tweets about loniliness or splitting up with their ex. If people are tweeting about having no money, the software can find their tweets, and when followed back by those users the software can send a direct message to their Twitter account referring them to a blog where they can subscribe to various schemes such as CIAO where people can make money online.


Although I am very dissapointed that my Twitter accounts keep instantly getting suspended when I mention this software in my tweets on Twitter, and losing out on a very a lucrative affiliate market for this software, I can keep on setting up new Twitter accounts to try and sell Tweet Adder or quitely use it on Twitter to gain followers for my other promotions and in the meantime hopefully earn a little from my CIAO review promoting what I believe is about to become one of the fastest growing affiliate markets on the internet. At this very moment of writing my review, the Tweet Adder software has been for the last few hours been taking care of my Twitter business and referring new twitter followers to 5 websites that potentially earn me more commission from Tweet Adder banner links, Amazon banner links, and anyother kind of affiliate link you can think of such as Its very good, seriously take a look!

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