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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Twitter sniping

In the first post I wrote about which Twitter members are most likely to reciprocate follows and that you can target those followers by location using Tweet Adder, however there comes a time as an affiliate marketer that you need to think about which followers are likely to buy from you.

A load of people shouting follow me, bored teenagers idling their time away on twitter are not likely to be in top % of people with money. Having said that Twitter is enjoyed by executives and has thousands of high earning professionals using it every day.

SEARCH FOR PEOPLE WITH MONEYSearch for phrases in tweets like "I bought a horse" , "playing golf this weekend" , "can't wait till go to Disney"

POACH YOUR COMPETITORS FOLLOWERSAre there similar competitor websites to your own advertising on twitter? Follow their followers.

Think creatively, and Tweet Adder provides the perfect tool to datamine and auto follow the types of people most likely to convert to sales.

Make sure if using an auto follow tool like Tweet Adder, make your last tweet relevant to the group you are targetting so that it will be the first tweet that they see.

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