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Monday, 16 January 2012

There is a secret society on twitter

Do you think twitter is a social tool that teenagers use for idle chit chat and virtual friends? Think again. Twitter offers the most powerful business opportunity on this planet to a group of bloggers who have discovered its true potential.

There is a secret society on twitter, if you don’t understand Twitter, don’t use Twitter, don’t see the sense of twitter, there might as well be a secret society on there.

What is it that makes a society secret? Its a society that operates like the oaths the Masons take, to help each other out. A secret society is one that helps itself and members trade with each within the society before giving their business to others not in their circle, while others in the wider world operating outside of the circle struggle to make a living or grasp why others always have decent business while they scrape hard to make a living.

Have you ever wondered why some people have thousands of followers and tweet the dullest things, while you as a business person have an interesting product to promote and cannot reach a massive twitter audience?

Step 1 - discover the HASH # TAGS where people who use them give reciprocal follows. All you need to do is search one of these tags followed by keyword below and find out who mentions them in their tweets. Start following those people, many of them will follow you back.

#500aday #1000aday #IFollowBack #IFollowAll #AutoFollowBack #FollowNGain #Follow4Follow #TeamFollowBack #AutoFollow #iFollowBack #TFB #InstantFollow #100ADay #TFW #FollowNGain #FF #F4F #500ADay #IFB #200ADay #RT #ConsiderYourselfFollowed #teamfollowback #ShoutOuts #AKA #TeamFollowJoker #FollowJoker

Step 2 - search and create HASH # TAGS that relate to your business product

Maybe you sell mobile phones, start putting #mobilephone into some of your tweets

Maybe you sell gifts, consider using #valentinegifts #gifts

You get the idea.

As a rule of thumb, because twitter is a social network, its good netiquette to put social tweets and not spammy messages. Put at least three tweets or more that are non sales related to every sales tweet.

The power of using HASH # TAGS is truly awesome if using software like tweet adder, which can take the effort out of the task of laboriously clicking on twitters, you can ask the software to follow all the people who have registered their account in a certain location that belong to any of the groups such as #TeamFollowBack or other groups listed above.

E.g. Set the software to follow anyone who has set their profile location to New York who has mentioned #TeamFollowBack in any of their tweets, after you have got a load of follow backs ... you can send out a business related tweet ... "#delcious #cakes on #special in New York, 45th Avenue ... get lunchtime deal". Time such a tweet as say 11.45am for maximum affect just when people are feeling hungry.


Since writing the above article about the power of hash tags on twitter, there is more evidence that people use twitter like a brotherhood

Check out hash tag #TPG (which is an abbreviation for The Pyramid Gang) @ThelIluminati

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