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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Thanking followers and increasing your followers following on twitter

Thanking followers on twitter for following is one of the best ways to keep their interest and attention on twitter and encourage their followers to follow you. The larger the following you have, the larger the opportunity you have to promote your advertising offers to others

Use fancy symbols to draw attention to your followers when you mention them in your tweets


You can also put hash tags when you mention them

#FF #consideryourselffollowed #teamfollowback

That lets other twitter users who reciprocate follows to follow your followers, obviousily if you can help boost the size of your followers twitter accounts as well as your own, in the long run will expand your influence on twitter as they potentially may retweet your tweets to an even larger following that you have helped them get.

Using a tool such as TweetAdder you can find out who is following who and export it to an excel list, this will save you time navigating between web pages to copy paste each follower individually into your tweets.

You can also use tools like TweetAdder to automate sending direct messages to all your followers, however, people who have many twitter followers don't always have time to read direct messages and are more likely to notice when you mention them in your tweets.

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