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Monday, 30 January 2012

So you have got a twitter account and want to make some money?

So you have got a twitter account and want to make some money?
Don't worry if you don't own your own website.

In my last blog I wrote about twitter sniping a very affective technique if you have got time to do it, but this technique for earning money is more like fishing, not to be confused with Phishing.

You want to hunt something use the right bait and hunt in the right places.
You are reading this blog because you are interested in making money, and I knew people like you would find this blog, you could say I laid the right bait for your interest. However not everybody is interested in reading money making blogs, so here is a brief introduction of how you can write web pages and start making sales to people searching the internet for just about anything.

You can write blogs and create webpages like this one for free by setting up an account with Other people prefer to write blogs at My personal preference is its much simpler to set up, and when writing a blog use the Edit HTML tab to paste your affiliate banner code into the blog.

What is a blog? A blog is where you can write anything you like, and then you can earn a bit of money from your blog by becoming an affiliate marketer and displaying adverts in your blog.

Here are the steps you need to take to make money on twitter

1. Get a blog set up with, name it after a subject you would like to write about (e.g. Angry Birds)

Or altenatively search current world trends on Google - from screenshot notice the current trend is Carolina Panthers (find out as much as you can about them, write a blog about it, and put advertising links for related products)

2. Join as an affiliate of companies such as, or that will let you choose from an array of products to sell (choose the products that most closely relate to the subject of your blog or pay the best commission).

Click below to buy Angry Birds

Click below to buy Carolina Panthers
Carolina Panthers

I got this code from Amazon
Place the code into the "Edit HTML" section of your blog

3. Follow twitter users who are likely to be interested in your blog by doing a word search of what they are tweeting about (when they follow you be sure to follow them back)

TWEET ADDER makes following relevant twitter users an easy and automated task, leave the software doing this and you can get on with other jobs

Buy Tweet Adder to make finding and following back relevant twitter users easily. Set up your blogs on current trends start searching followers tweeting about current trends, put interesting tweets to lead them to your blog, repeat the process again by creating a new blog, checking for a different trend on google

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