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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Get more twitter followers instantly

If you have decided that twitters offers great potential to promote your business, then you will want to accumulate followers on twitter as quickly as possible.

I don't endorse any of these methods, but here are some of the options that I am aware of

You can buy twitter followers - 1000 followers just $12 , visit and Follow @buyFollowers4U. The main thing that I am weary of this website is that you have to supply them with your twitter password, its a risky business if its not a legitimate website and using twitter password in third party websites is against twitter rules.

You can use its more expensive
Currently 1000 twitter fans would cost you 79 euro if you were using fanslave, but you don't have to give away your password. An alternative method to gain an odd couple of fans is to earn fanslave credits by liking fan slave promoted members and fanslave will pay you with fan referrals or money.

An alternative method is to use software such as Tweetadder to follow targetted twitter users and easily unfollow people who are not following you back so that you never go over the twitter ratios of how many people you can follow.

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